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John Roque on Financial Stocks

Fool me once, shame on me. Is John Roque selling me the same story again? Maybe so, but I’m inclined to believe him. Of course I believed him the first time too…so…

Trading the NASDAQ For 2010

Everyone liked the candlestick video so much I thought I’d point out another cool video that makes a good point about how to look at things simply. Those who’ve been reading my technical analysis basics series can tell that I’m a fan of simple chart analysis. This video gives a great example of looking at […]

Technical Analysis Basics: Trends and Trading Ranges

Trading ranges and trends are fundamental tools that must be understood in order to make wise trading decisions. In fact determining what type of trend an issue is in and whether that trend will continue is probably the most important assessment you can make in order to make money.

Technical Analysis Basics: Price

The most basic piece of data one needs to understand in technical analysis is price data. This data however is not as simple as one might think. There are actually four distinct price values for any given period of time and understanding their differences is vital to reading charts and indicators.

How Bad Trading Psychology Crushed Me In 2009

Watch as I make a fool out of myself and see if you can use it to help motivate you not to make the same mistakes. I recount tales of how 2009 has gotten the better of me repeatedly.

Don’t Trade Without a “Stop”

Money management and trading psychology are tricky. Trading with a stop or stop loss order, can reduce your propensity to over-think or to “fall in love” with a trade. Trading without a stop is like driving without a seat belt: it might not hurt you, but it might be devastating.

General Mills: Dividend Growth with Pop Potential

We can use General Mills (NYSE: GIS) as an example of a broad analysis including:

  • Value Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Chart Patterns

This will help give some insight into some methods for getting a broad picture of a stock’s health.

8 Must-Have FREE Online Investing Tools

Education, information and data are keys in being successful in modern markets. Learn about eight tools that are completely free and yet invaluable.

Using Moving Averages

The moving average is often the first tool any trader must learn to begin their education. While it may seem simple to many, even the most experienced traders can learn ways to make use of this most basic of analysis tools.

How to Trade Gold in July 2009

Gold is a vexing investment right now. Many of the elements that make so many other issues difficult to trade are even more important when it comes to gold. Fortunately there are some tools that can help us make sense of this market.