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The world of finance has changed amazingly during the rise of the Internet.  What used to be expensive pay services are now available for free online.  Here are some examples of fantastic information and data that is available absolutely free.


INO’s TV service is an invaluable source of information.  The service itself costs about $100 to watch all the educational videos that you want, but you can get 4 for free simply by registering.  Of course if you go ahead and subscribe, that will be money well spent as well, but at a minimum you should register and get your four videos for free.

Yahoo’s Interactive Charts and Historical Data

Not that long ago I was writing my own charting software because I couldn’t stand what was available.  Now I can get a killer interactive chart tool written in Javascript for free on demand.  I don’t have to even download data or anything.  Additionally, if I do want the data, I can just hop to the historical data section and download almost everything I could want.  You can even download it to a spreadsheet. [More]

When I was in college, my cousin and I decided that we had a brilliant stock market strategy.  We would read the Wall Street Journal in the morning, find companies that had positive stories about them and buy them in the morning and sell them in the evening.  In the process of trying to implement this naive strategy, I started reading everything I could get my hands on in the stock market.  One of the first books that I started reading was Trading For a Living by Alexander Elder.  In the intervening time I have yet to find a book that does as good of a job of explaining technicial analysis indicators and their use. [More]